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EP01 - A Special Place in Hell

In our first episode of the Patriarchy Hypothesis, we take a closer look at the recent accusations of bullying by high-ranking female academics. Does patriarchy have something to do with it?

The various studies and articles mentioned in the podcast can be found in the following links:

-The Atlantic article

-Joyce Benenson's review explaining how women bullying might be an evolutionary trait.

- Robin Ely's study on interactions amongst women in law firms.

-Naomi Ellemers' study on the queen bee syndrome in academia.

-Belle Derk's study on how sexist organizational cultures actually creates and promotes queen bee behaviour.

-Belle Derk's study on the extension of the queen bee effect to other minority groups.

-Ben Schmidt's fun, sad but very addicting online tool that allows you to analyse gendered language in teacher evaluations.

-Kim Elsesser and Janet Lever's study on whether men or women prefer male or female work superiors and why that might be.

-Ekaterina Netchaeva's study on men's self-assertive behaviours towards female bosses.

-Mark Egan, Gregor Matvos, and Amit Seru's study on the double standard regarding punishment and consequences of misconduct.

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