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Policy, Lobbying and Activism

Making a real change at King's

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The Policy, Lobbying and Activism (PLA) Team aims to address gender inequality in STEM departments here at KCL by making changes based on issues highlighted to us in order to ensure a more inclusive experience for all students.


Got a policy you’d like us to look into, introduce or change?

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Our policies

Inclusive Seating Policy

In the Natural and Mathematical Sciences (NMS) faculty at King's College London, there already exists an inclusive seminar policy for undergraduates which states that if a seminar group cannot have at least two women, it is better to have none. This is to ensure that no woman will be the ‘only’ woman in the group. 

MCF Mental Health Follow-Up 

Across NMS, there has been an increase in submitted MCFs for mental health issues and based on WiSTEM’s previous surveys and anecdotal evidence from representatives in the Chemistry department, female science students are disproportionately suffering. What is also clear is that the student counseling services are horribly inadequate, with waiting lists up to 12 weeks. 

Women's Safety in London

97% of women 18-24 have been sexually harassed in the UK. Sadly, the incidences of this on public transport are all too high and with recent occurrences such as Sarah Everard's murder, this conversation is critical.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can make your time at King’s as enjoyable as possible.

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