We're on quite
the adventure.

Join us.

Our skills are diverse, just like we are.


From lobbying to branding, and events to photography, we've got something for you. We have roles for students, academics and staff from King's College London. 


To apply for either a board role or a team role, pop us an email (contact@kclwomeninstem.co.uk) outlining which area you're interested in and why. The roles available include:



Team members

  • Finance Team: Builds and maintains relationships with funding bodies that can financially support us, e.g. potential and current sponsors. Revises the sponsorship deals and contracts we are offering.


  • Events Team: Plans, coordinates and delivers our outward-facing events such as workshops and debates.

  • Policy and Lobbying Team: Develops political policy on the advancement of equality and liberation issues. Works with the College to push our agenda.

  • Social Media Team: Develops and ensures consistency of the look and feel of the brand across all outward-facing platforms. Oversees social media, website and all marketing.


  • Team of Campus Representatives: Knows their campus inside out and is the face and voice of WiSTEM on their campus. Builds a presence by being approachable and sociable. Answers questions by those interested, as well as makes first contacts with those that you feel any team may benefit from.

  • Photographer: Makes shots to support our posts on the different social media channels and our updates to sponsors. 

Want to join one of our teams? Something you want to do that we've missed out? Get in touch with us here, and let us know!