WiSTEM Elections 2021

Welcome to our 2021 Elections page!  

On this page, you can find manifestos of our candidates. You can submit your votes here. Remember, that only current members can submit their votes.  Voting closes on Saturday 10th of April 3 pm BST. Please let us know if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can email us at contact@kclwomeninstem.co.uk 


Candidate: Alexandra Epshtein

Co-Vice President (Events & PLA)

Candidate: Shan Hama

Co-Vice President (Social Media & Communications)

Candidate: Li Ern Yap


Candidate: Minh Hoang

Head of Social Media 

Candidate: Noelle Zeng

Head of Events

Candidate: Aleksandra Stankiewicz

Head of Communications 

Candidate 1: Duaa Ali Faruqi
Candidate 2: Soumya Prakash

I have extensive leadership experiences that have shaped me to be suitable for the role of Head of Communications. I learned the importance of teamwork, planning, and management during my role as General Secretary for Biomedical Sciences Society this year. I learned the importance of effective communication as the Sales Officer for KCL India Society and as the highest-selling ambassador for OnRepeat. Furthermore, I have previous experience organizing and scheduling events as a committee member of my high school Science Club. I collaborated with other committee members to plan and schedule numerous events throughout the year, our most successful event being a Science Fair where over 200 students displayed their innovative experiments.


I believe it is vital for us to raise awareness about WiSTEM next year. It will be essential to grab attention and encourage people to join a society that promotes equality, especially due to the pandemic’s unforeseen circumstances. I have several ideas, including; scheduled bi-monthly meetings to ensure that every committee member’s voice is heard, informal gatherings for committee members to get to know each other, and regular check-ups on committee members - keeping in mind the importance of mental health. Additionally, as the committee already uses Slack for communication - perhaps using Monday.com and Notion alongside Slack (on a trial basis) may add further organization to the committee. Furthermore, I think using a calendar that all committee members have access to would allow for quicker and easier communication of deadlines, events, and meetings.


As the only woman in STEM in my family, I think it is extremely important to empower women within STEM and those who are considering to be a part of it, breaking gender stereotypes and promoting the advancement of women. I hope you consider my application to be suitable for the role. Thank you.


Social Media team Officer 

Candidate 1: Sraavya Kocherlakota

I believe I would be perfect for the role of a social media officer as I have experience in marketing, social media and have a strong passion for STEM. I was a marketing officer for KCL Hindu society and India society, these experiences have taught me the skills of creating aesthetic posters and posting engaging content. These opportunities have also given me a lot of experience in using Canva and video editing tools. I am very active on social media and have also created the Hindu Society’s Households (families) scheme which required communication and coordination with many members.


As a Biomedical Engineering student, I have a very strong interest STEM and have attained a Technology spring week at JP Morgan which required strong coding skills and a passion for technology. I also got into the MedTech program last year which encompassed knowledge of medicine and technology to a create a product to solve a Healthcare problem. I hope you consider me for the position of a social media officer!

Candidate 2: Rhea Moloo

I have an interest in social media as it is an effective tool for connecting people from around the world. It is an easy way to bring light to issues, market events, and communicate with a large audience, all vital to the society.  


Having worked in the same role this year, I know the workings of the committee and will be able to assist in creating and posting quality content to promote the society and it’s events.  

I have been part of several projects, assisting them with their social media content before, including catering to a STEM specific audience outside of the work done within the society. I have worked in marketing large events and creating and readying content to promote and inform.  


I also have experience in using the analytics from the social media posts to try and boost interactions and reach to a broader audience, which I can bring forward to my role as a social media officer. 


I am fluent in big social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and understand what it means to reach a large amount of people. In addition, I am also comfortable with using websites like Canva and Snappa to make creative and catching posts. I have a strong attention to detail and enjoy working with the committee.  

Events Team Officer 

Candidate: Manya Nandrajog

Hello, I am Manya, a first-year Mathematics student and the current Secretary of KCL Womxn in STEM. It has been a pleasure being a part of the society’s committee. I would love to continue my journey with the society but this time as the Events Officer to be able to organize exciting and insightful events!


If elected, I plan to work on the following:

  • More workshops and events: In addition to organizing panel and career-related events, I would like to organize more hands-on events where people are encouraged to participate and share their ideas and experiences, such as workshops on launching a startup, coding, robotics and fintech. Organizing events in collaboration with societies from other universities will also help expand one’s network.

  • Professional mentorship program: Having a mentor working in professional industries will be extremely beneficial to any student who is not sure of what to do in the future. A system where our sponsors and other professionals can work with students will help them get more clarity and advice on career planning.

  • Bringing people closer: Hopefully in September if we meet in-person, I would love to organize social events which will help connect women across different courses and make them feel like a part of the society which is an important part of having a positive university experience. To make the society members feel even more engaged, I would like to have regular polls to see what type of events they want and cater to their best interest.


These are just a few of the many ideas I have, and I hope to do my best and deliver results that make this society grow even more if given the opportunity. I look forward to contributing my skills, ideas and experiences to this society and working with the future committee!

Podcast Assistant

Candidate 1: Zara Nusser

- What makes you suitable for this role?  


I am really interested in other people’s lives, especially women that I consider role models. I’d like to delve deep into guests’ lives and focus on who they are and their STEM journey. Who is the person behind the accomplishments and publications? Humanising guests makes them more accessible, and makes those listening believe that they can also reach similar milestones.  

I have wanted to be part of a science podcast for a while, having listened to the IoPPN Brainwaves podcast and been subscribed to TEDx on Spotify (those 10 min snippets got me through the lockdown.)  


I am good at research (being a final year neuroscience student) and would be able to curate interesting questions. I also have podcast experience, having been on the first episode of BioBabble at the beginning of this academic year. I also recently moderated a ‘Women in Neuroscience’ online panel with current podcast assistant Alex which received a lot of great feedback (now featured on KCL Engagement Corner and in UCL’s Enlightenment X Blog). Both events required a lot of research into the panellists and the maintenance of a free-flowing conversation. If possible, I would like to host some episodes! I have been public-speaking ever since I can remember, and I have been on the core committee of different societies (most-recently Neuroscience Society secretary 2020-21) so can handle responsibility and work as part of a team. I also have interview experience, having been part of ‘Meet a neuroscientist’ video series (now up on KEATS).  


- What can you bring to your role and WiSTEM?  


I am starting my MSci in Sept ‘21 so I have an extensive network within the university, and already have a few potential guests lined up, some of which are in other areas of Europe and even in the US. All are amazing women in science, including past-presidents of major science organisations SfN and FENS. I am also a part of the KCL BAME WiSTEM Mentoring Scheme, so I also know quite a few MRes and PhD students at KCL and other institutions, so it would be interesting to discover more about their STEM journeys.  


- What are your ideas for WiSTEM in 2021/22? 


I think WiSTEM needs to become more life-sciences oriented; so far, a lot of the focus has been on maths, tech and physics. I am not only interested in neuroscience but in all things biology; I want to explore more niche topics too, like the genetics of psychopathy and the science of addiction! We could even host more than one guest at a time and open up a discussion about a specific topic to gain and insight into different perspectives. 

I think we could also host advice episodes, focusing on helping female STEM students take care of their mental health, deal with sexism and microaggressions, or how to navigate the beginning of their STEM journey.  


I am passionate about science communication and wish to make science more accessible (especially to BAME women) and I believe that can be done through Nightingale.  

Candidate 2: Ravia Saini

Who am I? 

Hi everyone, my name is Ravia and I would like to nominate myself as podcast assistant for the WiSTEM committee. I am currently a second year Biomedical Student studying on the Developmental biology stream. I am friendly, approachable, and motivated to make a difference for students.  

Why will I be a good fit? 

I enjoy listening to podcasts some of my favourite podcasts are by TED and Dive studios. I want to use these podcasts as an inspiration for WiSTEM podcast series. 

I am creative and I believe in authenticity. I want to listen to real unfiltered stories and form an empathetic link with both speaker and audience.  

I have experience hosting, planning, and running the “Getting into series” which is run by the BSA.  

What do I plan for WiSTEM in 2021/22? 

I would like to continue with the Nightingale podcast and I also I plan to introduce new series of podcasts. I plan to work with the Social media team to set up a YouTube channel for WiSTEM podcasts so that the podcasts become more easily accessible, and viewers can get to know our speakers better! 

Some of these series include: 

  • The Show – Hear storis from women in STEM about the most important presentations they have presented, how they prepared and how they succeeded. 

  • Life goes on – This podcast is a place where women talk about all the ups and downs of work, love and adulthood from their perspective. Listen to this podcast series for some life advice. 

  • Itsy bitsy oddities – Listen to a relaxing and funny podcast series where women talk about their odd hobbies and thoughts. A safe and happy place for all people who just want to be with a friend. 

Thanks for visiting this page! Don't forget to vote! You can submit your votes here. Remember, that only current members can submit their votes.  Voting closes on Saturday 10th of April 3 pm GMT. Please let us know if you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can email us at contact@kclwomeninstem.co.uk 


Good luck to all the candidates!